Foggy Sunday With Wet Spider Webs
October 2, 2011 6:24 PM


No sun in sight today here in Karlskrona in Sweden. In fact, it has been hard to see anything outside on this foggy Sunday. But I like foggy days like these. Everything seems so mysterious and spooky to me. And what better way to turn up the spook factor than to head on into the forest!? Which Lisen and I of course did. But not only did we have to struggle to see in the forest today, we also had to watch out for thousands of wet spider webs! Yikes!

Foggy Sunday
Foggy fog on the road to Rödeby forest.

Wet Spider Webs
And for some reason the forest was filled with spider webs today!

Wet Spider Webs Everywhere
They were EVERYWHERE! (The white dots on the grass are spider webs.)

Wet Spider Webs Everywhere
Even all over the trees.

Wet Spider Webs
Although all that most spider webs seemed to have caught were raindrops...

Wet Spider Webs
More wet spider webs.

Wet Spider Webs
And Lisen waiting patiently while I am photographing all these wet spider webs.

Now fortunately for me I do not have any spider phobias. Because I walked into many, many spider webs on this forest walk. Sticky indeed! But I survived, both the fog and wet spider webs. As did Lisen. :-)

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