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Food and gas prices in Sweden today
August 11, 2011 1:49 PM

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I went to a local grocery store here in Sweden to check out what we actually pay for food in this country today. I also stopped by a local gas station to check out the current Swedish gas prices. Even though I don't really think too much about food and gas prices in Sweden on a daily basis, I do know that I always find it interesting to know what these things cost in other countries. So I took some photos and made some notes of how much food and gas costs in Sweden today.

City Gross Sweden
Local grocery store in Karlskrona, Sweden. This is where I went to check out our current food prices.

Food prices Sweden
Inside City Gross in Karlskrona, Sweden.

Below I have listed examples of prices for some common food items I found at City Gross. I chose to list food from well known Swedish and international brands. Prices are listed in Swedish Kronas, SEK, and US Dollars, USD.

Currency today: 1 USD = 6,5 SEK    

Explanations: kg = kilograms    g = grams    (Swe) = Swedish origin

Item Amount Price SEK Price USD
Milk 1 litre 9,50 1,51
Eggs 6 12,95 2,03
Flour 1 kg 8,95 1,41
Sugar 1 kg 6,95 1,09
Spaghetti 1 kg 13,95 2,19
Macaronis 1 kg 11,95 1,88
Coffee 500 g 40,95 6,43
Ketchup 1,320 kg 19,95 3,13
Fish sticks 400g 14,95 2,35
Whole chicken (Swe) 1 kg 19,95 3,13
Pork chops (Swe) 1 kg 64,95 10,20
Beef (Swe) 1 kg 89,95 14,12
Ground beef (Swe) 1 kg 69,95 10,98
Falukorv (Swe sausage) 800 g 20,95 3,29
Isterband (Swe sausage) 330 g 18,95 2,97
Tomatoes 1 kg 19,95 3,13
Cucumber 1 kg 29,95 4,70
Onions 1 kg 14,95 2,35
Apples 1 kg 19,95 3,13
Pears 1 kg 15,95 2,50
Bananas 1 kg 17,95 2,82
Coca Cola 0,33 litres 6,50 1,02
Chips 300 g 18.95 2,97

Gas prices Sweden
Local gas station in Lyckeby, Sweden. This is where I always get gas. :p

Currency today: 1 USD = 6,5 SEK

Type of gas Amount Price SEK Price USD
95 octane 1 litre 13,83 2,17
98 octane 1 litre 14,28 2,24
Diesel 1 litre 13,54 2,13
E85 1 litre 9,84 1,54

I personally think that food prices in Sweden are ok. Of course it always depends on what type of food you want to buy. I prefer to buy Swedish meat, organic if available. I also try to buy as much local and organic dairy, veggies and fruit as possible. But if you want to keep costs down, foreign meat and non-organic food is always cheaper. However there is not a whole lot one can do to find cheaper gas to buy... Not that I know of anyway. Hehe.

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