Free Holidays In The Mail
October 16, 2011 10:55 PM


I love going on very cheap holidays! Especially free holidays! And I do get offers to go on free cruises from time to time in my mail box, email that is. Unfortunately these cruises always depart from Stockholm. Which means that I have to travel to Stockholm, about 600 kilometers from where I live in Karlskrona, to be able to use the ticket. Therefore I seldom use these opportunities.

Free Holidays In The Mail
Stockholm archipelago. Where the cruises depart from.

But if I had lived in Stockholm I am sure I would have taken advantage of these offers a bit more. I know my aunt and her husband sometimes go on cruises like these. As do my cousin. By the way these are usually 24 hour shopping cruises to Åbo or Mariehamn, both cities in Finland. Also both cities that I have actually never been to. Which is why I hope that one of these offers will coincide with an already planned trip to Stockholm someday. Because in that case I will surely use the ticket! :-)

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