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Please say hello to my little friend
February 10, 2011 2:17 PM

These are the only plants I own. And I'm so proud of myself that they are still alive! The big one I got about eight months ago and the little one was a gift for Halloween. I just think they look so cute together! Now I did show off the big plant in July in Misfit, grrr! So I thought it was about time I introduced his little friend. :p


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August 13, 2010 12:06

Yesterday I was at our lovely little towns yearly Sail, as it’s called. It is a market with beer tents, food stands and boats. However the last few years the boat part has kind of almost disappeared…but I don’t really pay attention to them anyway, haha. I just love walking around by the harbour and feel the atmosphere, even though for me, this event marks the end of the summer and vacation.

I met up with a friend I had not seen for quite a while and we chatted and drank a few beers. The downside of these events are the toilet issue, more specific - portable toilets only. When I drink beer it runs right through me. Of course I feel like I have to pee all the time, more than usual, just because I don‘t want to use the toilets. Three times in two hours yesterday, jiiiiz!

Anyway, I had a nice time and of course I shot a few pics.


Coffee with friends on Dragsö
July 8, 2010 20:05

Today we, me and Lisen, went back home again. Nice :-) Sure it's nice to be in a house as well but it's not MY house, so I feel like I have to watch what I do all the time and not make a mess or break anything. And of course I always sleep best in my own bed, and so does Lisen, haha.

It's been seriously hot outside today, +30C and it's going to get hotter...OMG.

I meet up with some friends today at Dragsö, which is a camping and beach, and we chatted and drank some coffee and sandwiches. Nice :-)

I have eaten a lot of sandwhiches so far today and no real food. And it does not seem to be time to make any either so I'm just going to boil some hot dogs as dinner tonight.

No I have some episodes of Hells Kitchen, MasterChef Australia and Top Chef to watch. Bye for now!

Me at Dragsö today.


Please say hello to my little friend
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