Gambling talk and poker flashback
August 9, 2011 1:06 PM

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A few years ago I had a period when I played quite a bit of Texas Hold'em online. I actually managed to build up a bankroll on a few online poker sites by earning some dollars from freerolls. And I got all into to it. I read poker books, casino reviews and even played some video poker. All so I could become a better poker player. Even though it was fun and I did win some money. In the end it was a bit more time consuming than I had initially thought. So I came to the realization that poker was probably not the career for me.

Gambling talk and poker flashback
But I still play it from time to time though.

And gambling can be fun indeed! Although I have also realized that when I gamble nowadays it's not because I think I'm actually going to win. It's more because I want to feel like I have a chance to win. Some fear is involved too. Lol! I actually think I continue to play my standing Lotto ticket because I believe that if I stop, my numbers will get drawn and I'll beat myself up over it for the rest of my life. But I'm a pretty cheap gambler. Somehow I think that's why I never win any large sums of money...

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