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I used to live in a haunted house
March 3, 2011 9:08 PM

Or perhaps I should call it a haunted apartment building. Anyway, in the pic above you can see which building I'm referring to. I lived there with my family for a few years when I was a teenager. It's located in Galgamarken, a couple kilometers from Karlskrona. Actually the name Galgamarken literally translates to Gallows ground, but I'll explain more about that a bit further down in this post.

So, when I lived there I had a lot of weird, unpleasant experiences that still to this day give me the creeps. The most intense experience I had began with a bad dream and ended with me seeing a white bundle of light disappearing through my window. And once I realized it was gone, I also realized that I was completely exhausted and out of breath.

In fact even today I seriously dislike, or perhaps I should call it fear, that building. I mean if I have a dream where I move back into that apartment, it's no longer a dream - it's a really bad nightmare! Yikes! But can this building really be a haunted one? Well, perhaps Galgamarkens past can provide some answers.

Ok, so Galgamarken, or Gallows ground, is located on a hill approximately 2 kilometers from Karlskrona. These grounds has been known as Galgamarken ever since the town of Karlskrona was founded in 1680. And the reason it got this name is because it was widely used as an execution ground, particularly for executions of Snapphanar, in the 1600s.

A Snapphane? Snapphane was an invective used in the 1600s for the very worst people in society, like robbers and bandits. It was also used as a term for the brigands, peasants and troops who supported or participated in the Danish part of the Danish-Swedish wars of this period. A Snapphane was considered an outlaw and Swedes could execute them without trial.

Hm... Not the most charming tale perhaps. And today Galgamarken is full of apartment buildings. However, I have also lived in another building in Galgamarken and it was not at all creepy. Which is why I relate my experiences more to that particular building than the entire grounds. All I can say is that you won't see me living in that building ever again! Uh-uh!!!



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Ghost in da house?
August 10, 2010 20:42

Voices from my TV woke me up this morning, not strange right? Well, I did not turn it on or leave it on during the night and no one else was in my apartment, except my dog. And she was sound asleep right next to me. I thought maybe the power had gone during the night, but all the other electrical devices were in order. Hm? I also got a strong feeling that I should get in touch with my Grandmother.

After about ten minutes of hesitation, I texted her. Just as I sent the text my phone rang, it was her! I answered, but I could only hear her hum in the background (she usually does this to herself) so I hung up. Then she called again, I answered. This time she heard me.

"Oh, hi." she said. I asked if she had read my text, "Oh, you sent me a text?". And so she read it while I was waiting on the phone (she is quite technical actually). I had written and asked if she wanted to come by for a visit this week. And the strange thing, it turns out that's what she was going to ask me...

So what about the TV? Well, when she stays over she always have the TV on quite loud and I keep telling her to lower the volume. My conclusion - "someone" told me to expect her today...

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I used to live in a haunted house
Ghost in da house?
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