Swedish giveaway, win typical Swedish products
November 22, 2010 10:29 PM

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I thought it would be fun to have a giveaway, my first by the way. But I wanted to add my own twist to it, therefore I chose to make a little mix of typical Swedish products as the prize. And, I have also made a special personal gift for the winner.

The winner will receive:

- Cheese slicer
- Butter knife
- Salt liquorice candy, two different kinds
- Another popular Swedish candy, Ahlgrens bilar
- An ornament of our traditional Christmas goat, which is a typical Scandinavian Christmas ornament made of straw
- A postcard with motives from my hometown Karlskrona
- Swedish crispbread, knäckebröd (not the entire pack though, but a few pieces)
- Swedish ginger bread (not the entire pack though, but a few pieces)
- And my personal gift of course

My personal gift, a piece of Sweden
Whenever I'm abroad, not always, but sometimes I pick my own souvenirs from that country. For instance, I have a bottle of water from the Nile, sand from the Sahara desert, a piece of the Berlin wall (I bought that one) and so on. And because my question for you in this giveaway is to tell me about your favourite place in the city you live in, I thought it would be perfect to pick a few items from my favourite place in my city. Which is what I did today, and then made a little card with it.

Giveaway rules!
Moving on to the most important part, how to win these prizes! Simply answer the questions below in a comment below in the comment section. One comment per Ip. I will then randomly pick one winner on Monday November 29.


1. What city and country do you live in?

2. Where is your favourite place in your city? And why?

My answers
1. I live in Karlskrona, Sweden

2. My favourite place is a special spot in the forests of Rödeby. (And why) Because I never run into anyone here, except moose's, roe deers, foxes, hares and other wild animals. I love the calm and closeness to nature here, it always relaxes me :-)

Good luck everyone!

And welcome to my first giveaway! Yihaaa!

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