Hailstorm And Thunder In June
June 3, 2012 7:06 PM


We certainly have had a strange beginning to our, traditionally, first real summer month of June here in Lyckeby in Sweden. Not only have the first days of this month been very chilly, only about 10-15 °C, but yesterday we even had thunder and a hailstorm! Yikes! Ok, thunder is not so bizarre. But hail, weird... Anyway, of course I immediately grabbed my camera and tried to capture some shots of this odd occurrence. So below are some photos from our Hailstorm And Thunder In June yesterday.

Hailstorm And Thunder In June
View of the hailstorm from my window.

Hailstorm And Thunder In June
View from my balcony.

Hailstorm And Thunder In June
Even my dog Lisen thought this was very strange (I think). Hehe. She looked quite thoughtful anyway.

Hailstorm And Thunder In June
And some of the hail on my balcony.

Actually, Lisen and I just got home about ten minutes before the thunder and hail started. So we were very lucky, I would not have wanted to be stuck on the road driving in that. Phew! But come on, how about some sun and heat now please. :-) Save those white chilly drops for winter instead, when they are much more appreciated. At least in flake form. Hehe. ;-)

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