Happy Advent 2019 From Sweden
December 8, 2019 7:51 AM

Today we celebrate Advent second in Sweden. For me that means lighting the second candle in my Advent candlestick and eating a Christmas ham sandwich and rice pudding for breakfast. I love it! And I love Christmas and the whole month of December countdown to Christmas Eve.

Below are some photos of my Christmas decorations at home and my Advent breakfast this year. :-)

Happy Advent 2019 From Sweden
My Advent candlestick with the second candle lit this morning.

Happy Advent 2019 From Sweden
My rice pudding. This is like a sort of porridge. It can be eaten hot/cold, with or without cold/warm milk and with or without sugar and cinnamon. I prefer to eat it cold with sugar and cinnamon and no milk. :)

Happy Advent 2019 From Sweden
My Christmas ham sandwich. The bread is of a special Christmas bread called Vörtbröd, which is usually seasoned with ginger, pomerans and raisins. Other common spices in vörtbröd are cloves, cinnamon and cardamom. I prefer my vörtbröd without raisins. On my Christmas ham is beet salad and mustard. Yum! :p

Happy Advent 2019 From Sweden
My fiber optic Christmas tree. This year I will not put up my big Christmas tree because we are going to Stockholm to celebrate Christmas with our relatives. But I think this little one does the trick too.

Happy Advent 2019 From Sweden
My house. This photo does not do my outside Christmas decorations justice though. It looks a lot prettier in real life. :-)

I feel like I have achieved a good Christmas feeling this year so far. What woukd make this year's Advent countdown even more wonderful would be some really cold winter weather with snow in time for Advent fourth, when I will be in Stockholm. Because I would love to visit one of our many Christmas markets in Stockholm on that day. Because, to me, there is nothing more Christmassy than a visit to a cold, snowy, Swedish Christmas market. So fingers crossed.

Until then, I wish you all a Happy Advent 2019 From Sweden! :-)

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Happy Advent 2019 From Sweden