Happy Easter From Sweden
April 7, 2012 10:09 PM


It is Easter Eve today here in Sweden, which to me nowadays means eating eggs, lamb steak dinner and lots of candy. All of which I have done today. So it has been a pretty successful Easter Eve so far I think.

Happy Easter From Sweden
Easter Eve dinner table at my mum's.

Happy Easter From Sweden

Happy Easter From Sweden
Yummy eggs.

Easter Eve Dinner
And the rest of our Easter Eve dinner today. My mum is from Iran so she likes to mix in a bit of Persian cooking here and there. So besides lamb steak we also had some Persian food on the table today. From the left in the photo above: eggs, root vegetable gratin, Persian veggie omelet, lamb steak, two sauces, salmon and rice from a Persian rice cooker.

Easter Eve Dessert
We finished off this lovely meal with my mum's homemade orange cheese cake. :p

Now it is still a few hours left of Easter Eve here in Sweden, and I am sure I can find some more candy to enjoy the evening with. Hehe. By the way, I have written more about the origin of our Easter celebration and why we eat so much eggs during Easter in Sweden at --> Swedish Easter Eve Traditions.

Happy Easter everyone! :-)

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