Happy evening doggy walk
in Lyckeby, Sweden

October 5, 2011 10:17 PM


Doggy walk in Lyckeby in Sweden
My doggy Lisen (in the photo) and I had a lovely evening walk here in Lyckeby in Sweden today.

Lisen is in heat right now so she always becomes super happy whenever it is time for a walk. The reason being of course that she hopes to find a suitable male doggy for herself outside. Although, unfortunately for her, I never let her say hello to any male doggies when she is in heat. Hehe.

Doggy in heat
Also for some reason when she is in this particular phase of her heat period she gets very obsessed with her leash. Outside she wants to carry it by herself. Inside she walks around with it in her mouth and whines. I am sure she has her reasons, but this is one of her behaviors I have not been able to figure out...

Oh well, below are some more photos from our evening walk in Lyckeby today. :p

Doggy walk in Lyckeby in Sweden
This is the path in Ekebacken nature reserve where Lisen and I started our evening walk.

Doggy walk in Lyckeby in Sweden
We followed the path until we got to to these stairs.

Lyckeby in SwedenDoggy in heat
Which lead us to this area in Lyckeby. Where Lisen always find a lot of smells to analyze.

Doggy walk in Lyckeby in Sweden
When Lisen finally got her nose up from the ground again we continued to walk here.

Doggy walk in Lyckeby in Sweden
Until we got back to the beginning of our walk. We live in the yellow building there. And the path next to it was the one we started our walk from.

Doggy walk in Lyckeby in SwedenDoggy walk in Lyckeby in Sweden
But before we could finish our walk Lisen had to make sure not to miss any important smells. And in the right photo she probably thought I should stop to photograph her and get my behind in the elevator. Lol!

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