Happy Lucia
December 13, 2011 7:48 PM


Today we celebrate Lucia here in Sweden. Which means that we eat saffron buns and listen to Lucia and her lovely entourage sing carols all across Sweden.

Happy Lucia
Which I did in front of the TV this year, I just did not feel like going in to town and watch Lucia outside in the wind and rain..
. Much more warm a cozy inside. :p

Happy Lucia
And while I listened to Lucia I stuffed myself with saffron buns and gingerbread. Yummy!! :p

Now originally our Lucia celebration is based on the saint Lucia, a holy virgin of the 200's who lived in Syracuse, Sicily. However her destiny to be killed for her Christian faith has nothing to do with our Swedish Lucia tradition. Actually our current Lucia tradition did not emerge until the late 1800s.

To read more about why we celebrate Lucia and why we eat saffron buns in Sweden check out my page - Lucia in Sweden. Where I also have a video of last years Lucia singing carols in Karlskrona.

Happy Lucia Everyone! :p

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