History And Facts About Swedish Crisp Bread
April 20, 2012 7:57 PM


Crisp bread originates from Sweden and was first baked around the 500s. Crisp bread quickly became popular because people back then needed a sustainable bread that was easy to store for long, cold winters. And because crisp bread contains less than 10 percent water, its durability is very good.

Now crisp bread is a hard bread traditionally baked with whole grain rye flour, both coarse and fine. It is rolled out into thin, flat cakes and then baked in high heat for a short time. In the olden days, after the bread had been baked, they used to hang them out to dry in the ceiling.

And to be able to hang them, holes were put in the middle of the crisp bread.

Although it is of course possible to bake crisp bread at home, most people do buy them in stores today.

So there are many variations of crisp bread available in Swedish stores.

In many shapes and sizes.

So crisp bread is popular in Sweden. In fact, we eat nearly four kilos of crisp bread per person per year in Sweden. And 85 percent of Swedish households always have crisp bread at home. At typical Swedish holidays like Christmas and Midsummer, crisp bread is one of the typical Swedish foods we eat.

Popular spreads to have on crisp bread are typical swedish products like Kalles Caviar (in the photo) and pickled herring. But to simply eat crisp bread with butter is also very tasty and popular as well.

Now I actually do not eat crisp bread very often, but I do like it and I always have some at home. Because to me, it is really one of those given things to have in my kitchen cupboards, like flour or sugar. Which is why it should always be there, just in case I need some. :-)

Source: Wikipedia

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