Home Again With My Doggy
January 18, 2012 11:28 PM

I have now been back home with my doggy Lisen for almost two weeks and we are both starting to get back into our normal routines again. Which is really nice. My sister, who looked after Lisen while I was away, told me that it took several days before Lisen understood that I would not be coming back for a while. She kept running to the door whenever she heard a car coming, but that was about it.

Home Again With My Doggy
My dog Lisen. :-)

However I am very sure that Lisen did have a great time with my sister and her dog Diva. My sister told me that Lisen got to go on a lot of fun forest walks with Diva and the doggies also played around a bunch in the house. In fact when I finally did get back from my 3 week trip to bring Lisen home, I did get the impression that she was a bit hesitant to leave at first. Hm...

Home Again With My Doggy
Luckily for me though I had bought this big bone (bribe) for Lisen in the US, just in case she was a bit mad at me for leaving her. ;-)

But as soon as Lisen got home and realized that I was back for good, she looked at me, went over to her one of her favourite sleeping spots, made her bed and then laid down with a big thump and fell asleep. And she basically just slept the first 24 hours at home, like I did. I had to wake her up to take her out on her walks. Although once she was outside she got so excited to be back in her neighbourhood with all the familiar smells. So the first few days Lisen dragged me around on our usual walks here in Lyckeby with her nose close to the ground and her tail happily wagging.

And it is very interesting to see how she reacts to different smells. Sometimes she can start to wag her tail, other times she can become really tense. I have even seen her put her tail between her legs like she does when she becomes frightened. Actually someone once told me that just like we read news in a newspaper a dog finds out what is going on in the neighbourhood through his/her nose. So whenever Lisen is deeply engaged in a scent, I always imagine that she is reading some very intriguing news in her doggy newspaper.

Home Again With My Doggy
Lisen getting the latest scoop on what has happened in the neighbourhood while she was away.

Anyway, it is indeed nice to be home again with my dog. And although I caught a bad cold pretty much as soon as I got home, I am better now and have regained enough strength to take Lisen on lots of long lovely walks again. And even though I do love to travel, there is certainly no better place than home! :-)

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