How Can You Help the RSPCA?
August 14, 2013 8:07 PM

If you feel strongly about giving animals a voice in our society, in protecting them from cruelty and harm, and about helping to improve their quality of life then supporting the RSPCA is a great way to help.  But how exactly can you support the RSPCA?

Giving donations to charities like the RSPCA is only one way in which you can support its cause. Here are some more suggestions about how you can help.
  1. Attend charity events or set up your own.

    Charity events from summer fayres to sponsored walks can really bring a community together.  Each person taking part might pay a fee for entering the event or might just need to raise a certain amount through sponsorship.  You can help by sponsoring one of the people taking part or by taking part yourself and raising funds. 
    You might feel more motivated to take part in or organise an event if you feel strongly about what the money will be used for.  RSPCA Choices allows you to choose a project you want to help to pay for and makes it easy to set up a fundraising page to generate interest and support.  Charity events need good advertising and organisation to draw interest (and donations) from the public, so take advantage of the items you can download from the RSPCA Choices site.

  2. Volunteer at a shelter.

    Check out the RSPCA’s website and search for volunteer vacancies in your area.  Keep an open mind about what sort of role you want: do you really want to work hands-on with the animals at the centre, or would a more people-based role (such as administration or shop work) suit you better?

  3. Donate unwanted items.

    These might be presents given to you that you don’t really want or cannot use, or they might be old clothes, books or toys.  Anything that is in good condition could sell in a charity shop and generate much-needed funds for the RSPCA.

  4. Donate products for the animals.

    Your local supermarket might have a collection box that you can add spare tins of dog food or boxes of biscuits, or you can take these items directly to your local animal shelter.  Blankets and old, clean dog bowls and toys may also be needed.

  5. Foster or adopt.

    The more people who adopt rather than buy pets, the fewer pets there will be that will end up in shelters.  Fostering pets is vital to prevent shelters from becoming over-filled, when animals have to be turned away.  Speak to the RSPCA about fostering animals or about adoption if you are interested in getting a new pet.

RSPCA Choices is a great way to really see where your support is making a difference. You can see the amount raised increasing every week as you, and others like you, all work towards the same target amount.  Raising money for the RSPCA or donating money, time or items for the benefit of the charity is very rewarding and the charity would not be able to function without the efforts of all those members of the public who are willing to help out.

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