In An Awkward Position
November 14, 2011 10:33 PM


Below is a photo of Diva, my sister's dog, in a very awkward position.

In An Awkward Position
Not sure how that can be comfortable!? But Diva has always slept with her front legs crossed like that. Or more accurately, when she crosses them like that you know she is about to go into deep sleep.

In An Awkward Position
Although I sort of disturbed her here by taking a bunch of photos of her, sorry Diva. Hehe.

Even though Diva lives with my sister, she is, and always will be, very close to my heart. I mean, I have known her ever since she was born, 6 years ago. And before she was born my dog Lisen was pregnant with her, and 11 of her siblings, for two about months. So there are some pretty close family ties going on here indeed. However, unlike Diva, Lisen prefer to sleep with her legs up in the air. Lol! :-)

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