Inspired By A Kangaroo
November 11, 2011 3:38 PM


Inspired By A Kangaroo
Relax Mate.

This kangaroo is the coolest, calmest and most relaxed kangaroo I have ever met. I bumped into her, I think it is a female, at one of the zoos I visited in Australia in 2006. And what I found to be so cool about this lovely kangaroo was that even though she could walk (jump) around the zoo grounds as she pleased, she preferred to lie in the middle of the road where everyone was walking. So of course lots of people walked up to her and petted her. But that did not seem to bother her at all, in fact she seemed to enjoy it.

Therefore I have decided that this kangaroo will be my inspiration for this weekend. I will simply do as she did back then, relax and take it easy. No matter who or what happens around me. So Happy Relaxed Weekend Mates! ;-)

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