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Stuck behind music
September 24, 2010 12:30

On my way to work, when this happens...really!? Do you have to march and play music in the middle of the street? And I could not take another road...Anyway, I was on time so I guess it's aaall good.

On another note, I have received my free Iphone bumper from Apple, yay! I guess it helps improve my reception...not sure actually? But it feels better to have it on though, a bit more comfortable to hold it. Actually I read in a Swedish online paper (link to article) that over 700 000 Swedes own an Iphone, wow! That's like one in ten Swedes! I wonder what the total number all over the world is, hm...?

Have a wonderful weekend! :-)


My Iphone 4 review
September 14, 2010 15:17

I have now had my Iphone a few days and feel like I have an opinion on how it works for me. Short story - It is the best phone I have ever had!

Long story:
What makes it so great for me is that everything works quick and all functions are easy to understand and operate. Sure you have to download a few programs to your computer and transfer them onto your Iphone before you can get started, but once that is done everything works smoothly.

Regarding the signal issue, I do notice that I sometimes have low reception depending on how I hold the phone. Even though it does not cause any major problems, with an expensive phone like this I want everything to work tip top. Thanks to a tip from my friend at One Million Connections, I found out that you can get a free rubber ring (protection thingy) if you go to Apples website at follow instructions. This supposedly helps with the signal issue and protects your Iphone if you drop it. Of course I have ordered one, however - delivery time 1-2 weeks...

Another great thing about this phone is the HD quality, something I really notice when I surf and take pictures. Everything is very sharp and easy on the eye. To demonstrate the quality of picture and sound I have here a little video from our visit to the forest today. This was filmed with my Iphone 4 (not sure if it shows in HD quality on this small screen though...). Enjoy!

To sum it all up, I'm glad I bought this phone and highly recommend it! This is my non sponsored opinion. And by the way, if you want me to review something on my blog I'm sure up for it! Just send me your product :-) To contact me CLICK HERE!


Iphone 4 in my possession!
September 10, 2010 18:58

Today it finally arrived, my Iphone 4. Yay!!! However...I have not yet received a micro SIM from my phone company Telia, and without that I can't access anything :-( Oh well, I called them and they said they had sent it, so I'll probably have it on Monday.

I don't understand why Apple uses a micro SIM? Are there any advantages with a micro SIM as opposed to a normal SIM card? I have no idea...? Anyway, thought I'd at least share that the phone is here, only took five weeks from the day I placed the order...LOL!

Here we are - me, my Iphone and I :-)


August 14, 2010 20:36

Iphone poll: Buy Iphone 4 or not? Total 9 votes, 6 Yes and 3 No. I have decided to follow your advice and buy it. When it will arrive, well who knows...?

Dog grid: I ordered a dog grid from a pet shop, Hundbiten, in April. It was suppose to take two weeks to get it, took closer to TWO months! We tried to stop the order, one employee told us it was cancelled, but when it arrived the owner told us that it’s impossible to cancel an order because they make them especially for ones car. I went in, got it. When I tried to put it in, it did not fit! Wrong model! I called and told them about the problem, after about three weeks and me calling several times, finally the owner agreed to take it back, but I had to pay for the postage (250kr!).

Now, the whole ordering process was a mess with different answers all the time. To avoid this circus, the employee who took the order should have taken my cars registration number, something you ALWAYS do when you order something specific for a car. Jiiiz! What really put me off, is when I went to return the dog grid. The employee who had taken the order started to make excuses and blame us for the mistake, even though I had come to an agreement with the owner. OMG, how much more unprofessional can you get! It’s a shame because I have always liked the owner and her store, but that employee! Sorry to say, but she makes me NOT want to return there again :-(

And finally an update on the weight loss plan my mother and her partner signed a month ago. My mother has lost 3 kilos and her partner has lost 0 kilos. Good job mum!


I - phone - doubt
August 9, 2010 20:25

I have already ordered an Iphone 4, but now I'm starting to wonder if I should have...I mean because of the whole antenna What do you think?

I will have this poll open until Friday, and I will be back with the results.

Thank You :-)


Crayfish party, sort of...
August 5, 2010 21:04

Ok, not really a party but a premiere. Party just sound more fun, hehe. Today I ate my first crayfish of the year, a tradition in Sweden to devour the little buggers in August. They are really tasty, although it sure is a lot of work for such a little piece of meat...but worth it :-)

I also ordered an Iphone 4 today, however there is a couple weeks waiting period because of the high demand right now. Oh well, hopefully I'll get it before Apples Iphone 5 gets out...haha.

Crayfish Party Crayfish Party
Some pics from today.


Stuck behind music
My Iphone 4 review
Crayfish party, sort of...
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