It Is Going To Be A Sweet Weekend
November 4, 2011 7:05 PM


Because I just bought 1,2 kilos of candy! Lol! It was on sale this week and I just happen to have a sweet craving when I passed the candy section at the store. So this is what happened...

Sweet Weekend
I bought way too much candy...

Sweet Weekend
But they had so many of my favourite candies! Which are chocolate and salt licorice. As well as the occasional sour piece. So I was doomed to fail to resist. Lol!

Oh well, I can pretend that I thought it was Halloween this weekend. Because I do always get confused over when to celebrate Halloween in Sweden. If it should be celebrated on the same day as All Saint's day or not? Which is tomorrow. However it does seem like most people who celebrate Halloween in Sweden did so last weekend. But, Halloween or not. I am definitely going to have a sweet weekend! :p

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