Itchy Scratchy Doggy Ears
November 8, 2011 10:29 PM


My dog Lisen has normal sized hanging dog ears I think, which suits her pretty face so well. However she has had some issues with her right ear throughout her life, with for instance ear infections. Although a few of those ear infections were probably caused by the fact that she loves to swim in the ocean for long periods of time. But for some reason she has always gotten, and still gets, her ear problems in her right ear...? Her left ear has always been super clean and healthy though.

Itchy Scratchy Doggy Ears
Lisen shaking of some water and flapping her big ears in between one of her beloved swims in the Baltic Sea in Karlskrona in Sweden.This photo was taken on May 12th in 2009 at Verkö.

Anyway, because of these issues I do keep an extra eye on Lisens right ear and clean it frequently. More frequently than I clean her "magical" left ear. So when she started to scratch her right ear a bit too much on our walk today, I did get a bit worried.

Itchy Scratchy Doggy Ears
Lisen scratching her ear today here in Lyckeby in Sweden and looking very intense.

Itchy Scratchy Doggy Ears
Still scratching.

Which is why I cleaned it as soon as we got home. Surprisingly though it was pretty clean, just a bit red. Which I suspect was because she scratched it so much on the walk. So a huge relief. But also a reminder for me to keep her doggy ears under close supervision, well at least her right ear. Hehe.

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