Kalles Caviar - A Swedish classic
August 19, 2011 9:42 PM

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Kalles Caviar, or in Swedish - Kalles Kaviar, is the name of a classic Swedish sandwich spread which has been sold in Sweden since 1954. It is a mildly smoked caviar mostly eaten on sandwiches but also with eggs. It mainly consist of sugar salted cod- and pollack roe, salt, potato flakes and tomato puree.

Kalles Caviar egg sandwich
Egg sandwich with Kalles Caviar.

According to Abba, the Swedish company that produces Kalles Caviar, 17 million tubes of Kalles Caviar were sold in Sweden in 2004 (Sweden has a population of about 9 million). In 2005 Swedes ate about 2.6 million kilos of Kalles Caviar, or about 173 million sandwiches with this spread. Some staggering figures considering that the original recipe for Kalles Caviar was sold to Abba in 1954 by a peddler for the sum of 1000 SEK or $157 USD.

At first Abba test sold a few unmarked tubes with the caviar in stores. These quickly became very popular, especially among young people. So on advice from their ad agency Abba decided to put a young boy with a popular Swedish name on the cover of the tube. The boy they chose was the son of Abbas director, Carl. Also known as Kalle. Hence the name "Kalles Kaviar" and the tubes final appearence.

Kalles Kaviar
Today a Kalles Kaviar 300 gram tube cost about 27 SEK or $4,25 USD in Swedish stores.

Source: Kalles.se (This is not a sponored post by the way...)

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