Leaving Gdynia Harbour
August 5, 2012 7:10 PM


After a day in the charming city of Gdynia in Poland, it was time to board the ship Stena Line Vision and head back home to Sweden. So in this second post of my mini cruise to Gdynia I will share photos from inside and outside the ship Stena Line Vision, as well as photos from Gdynia harbour as we were leaving it in the evening. And I will finish off my mini cruise Karlskrona - Gdynia photo series with the absolutely stunning sunset we had the pleasure of enjoying out at the Baltic Sea on our journey home.

But first, let us back up to where I left off in the last post. Which was where my sister and I, instead of taking the Stena Line Ferry Bus to the Ferry Terminal at Gdynia harbour, took the local bus (number 150) to the ship from the Train Station at Gdynia City Centre. So when we arrived at the Ferry Terminal at Gdynia Harbour, onboard the ship we went.

Boarding Stena Line Vision In Gdynia
Boarding Stena Line Vision at Gdynia harbour after a great day in Gdynia.

Stena Line Vision Layout
Though Stena Line Vision is not that big of a ship, there were still plenty of stuff to do onboard.

Stena Line Vision Restaurant
Like having a bite to eat in one of the restaurants.

Stena Line Vision Shopping
Or shopping.

Stena Line Vision Slot Machines
Perhaps even do some gambling...

Stena Line Vision Slot Machines
Ehum - yupp! I did, no luck though...

Stena Line Vision Outside
There was even a mini golf course outside on deck. Hehe.

Leaving Gdynia Harbour
Nearby the harbour were also lots of houses, roads and a lovely church (I think it is a church?).

Leaving Gdynia Harbour
But most of all, there were lots of cranes and containers at the harbour.

Now actually Gdynia Harbour was built in the early 1920s, even before Gdynia City got its city privileges - which it did in 1926. In 1938 Gdynia Harbour was the most modern and largest port of the Baltic Sea, as well as the tenth largest in Europe. Today millions of ton of transshipments take place at Gdynia Harbour and hundreds of thousands of containers pass through the harbour every year.

Leaving Gdynia Harbour
And there certainly were a whole heap of tons of containers there.

Leaving Gdynia Harbour
As well as cranes and ships.

Leaving Gdynia Harbour
This is how it looked onboard as we were leaving the busy Gdynia Harbour.

Leaving Gdynia Harbour
It was a very lovely...

Leaving Gdynia Harbour
... and relaxing evening...

Leaving Gdynia Harbour
... as we made our way out of the harbour.

Leaving Gdynia Harbour
Bye Bye Gdynia. :-)

Sunset At Sea Gdynia
A bit further out at the Baltic Sea we also got to enjoy this amazing sunset! Indeed a perfect ending to a perfect day.

And this marks the end of my duo travel post report of my journey to Gdynia in Poland with the ship Stena Line Vision. Thank you all for tagging along with me. :-) Next time I will be back with an all every day post from my life here in Sweden with the world's greatest doggy - my beloved Lisen. ;p Wahoo! :-)

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