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April 13, 2012 10:25 PM


There are many Social Networking Sites out there in Cyberspace, some better and more fun than others of course. But in this post I thought I share links to 22 Social Networking Sites that I am a member of. Although I am not equally active in all of them, I do think that a membership in a good Social Networking Site is a great way to increase visibility for one's blog as well as gain a good backlink to it. Which is why I always add some profile info, photo and my blog URL when I sign up.

Anyway, below are links which lead to my profile/page on these Social Networking Sites. And if you know of any other good Social Networking Sites, please feel free to share in the comment section. :-)

Social Networking Sites Short Intro
Facebook Great way to share updates, URLs and interact with readers.
Twitter Also a great way to share updates, URLs and interact with readers.
Google+ Basically same function as Facebook and Twitter.
Pinterest Create fun online photo boards. Photos are always linked back to original source, hence a great way to gain visibility and backlinks.
StumbleUpOn Good possibility to receive lots of visits if URL is shared here.
YouTube Upload/edit/watch/share videos.
Ustream Awesome platform for Live Online Broadcasts!
Digg Share URLs.
LinkedIn Popular platform to find business connections.
Tumblr Share photos/URLs and so on.
Delicious Online bookmarking. Share URLs.
Flickr Share photos/videos.
Vimeo Another great video uploading/sharing site.
Stumpedia New member. Similar to Digg , share links - like or bury. New member. Online radio.
Myplaxo New member. Create online business cards. New member.
Klout Find out your Klout Score, your online influence in Social Networks.

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