Living In The Future
June 18, 2013 8:32 PM

When I was out walking recently early in the morning with my doggy Lisen here in Lyckeby in Sweden, I all of a sudden saw the oddest thing in one of the gardens.

Living In The Future
It took a few seconds before I realized what it was...

Living In The Future ... a robot lawn mower. Lol! I could not help but to stand there and watch it for a few minutes. It felt like I was living in the future somewhere because that is definitely not a common sight around here.

Living In The Future
The little robot lawn mower just rode around there, silently I might add - except when it bumped into this branch.

Living In The Future
But after about ten seconds it must have understood that it would not be able to pass that branch because it backed up and turned to go another way.

And if I were to judge by how the grass looked in that garden, it did seem to do a good job.

Living In The Future
Also it appeared to be driven by solar power.

So quite an amazing gizmo I must say! However, I do not know this but I do suspect that little gadget costs more than just a little? Hehe. Either way, it sure was a fun surprise to see there in the morning. :p


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