London, The Capital Of Events
January 23, 2013 5:20 PM

I love to travel and something that definitely has the possibility to enhance my experience on other locations is when there is some type of event going on there. For instance, I have not been to London in England yet but one of the many reasons I want to go there is because there are always many events in London going on. As well as a ton of historic places and sights to see. Therefore I know that when I do go to London, one thing I will never be there is bored.

London, The Capital Of Events
Always some departures to London.

I was actually on an intermediate landing at Heathrow airport, outside London, in the beginning of last year (2012). We were on our way back from Florida, USA. And it was very obvious around the airport back then which big event was about to take place there later that same year, the Olympics of course. There were lots of Olympic signs everywhere and items with the Olympic logo for sale in many stores. So London sure hosts all type of events, both big and small. Which makes me even more excited to visit one day! :-)

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