Lucia cats all over the place
December 8, 2010 8:18 PM

Yesterday I helped my mum bake Lucia cats - lussekatter, also known as saffron buns or Saint Lucia buns. It's a tradition to eat them on December 13th in Sweden, when we celebrate Lucia. (You can read more about how we celebrate Lucia and the origin of this tradition on my Christmas page.) Now, I'm not a big fan of baking, I prefer cooking, so I would never make these on my own. But they do taste best when they are home made! So in order for me to grab a few from mum with a good conscience, I decided to help her bake them (well, roll them into shapes), anyway :-) Here are some pics.

The dough, unfortunately not too tasty raw :-(

Different shapes, the classic shape is S. My mum likes to fill them with either almond paste or lingonberry. But I prefer "normal" ones, with just raisins, though the other two alternatives taste great as well.

And here we have the finito productio. With an almond paste filled classically shaped Lucia cat on top of the pile. Yuuummyyy :-p

If you are interested in a recipe for Lucia cats, here is one: Saint Lucia buns

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