Lurking Lion In Australia
October 24, 2011 11:37 PM


I love these photos of this lurking male lion my sister and I saw when we were at Dubbo Zoo in Australia. We were there in 2006 and when we stopped by the lions they were just about to get fed. Now the female lions were very eager and hungry indeed, however the big beautiful male lion just hid behind a tree... Something I thought was very weird. But the animal keepers explained that in the wild only the female lions hunt. The male lions stay behind and wait for the female lions to bring them food. Which was why this male lion stayed in the background during feeding time.

Lurking Lion In Australia
Hmm. I wonder what they catch today?

Lions In Australia
Come on! Do not keep us waiting people!

Lurking Lion In Australia
Mmm. Looks like the ladies got some goodies now. I guess I can walk over there, slooowlyyy...

Such magnificent animals! And I must say, even though I wish that all animals could live freely in their natural habitats instead of in captivity. The Zoos I visited in Australia were among the best ones I have ever been to. Especially this one, Dubbo Zoo. Because this Zoo and its animal keepers genuinely seemed to care for and about the animals here.

I also really appreciated that the animal keepers held information sessions every day about the particular animal species they were responsible for. In these sessions they talked about how to act if you should ever encounter the specific animal species in the wild. They also shared a bit of history about the animal species and how they managed the animals at the Zoo. So I actually learned a lot about animals in Australia. Like the fact that male lions are lazy. Lol! ;-)

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