Me And My Teddy Bear
March 5, 2012 1:30 PM

Me And My Teddy Bear
My dog Lisen loves this Teddy Bear!

Now usually after a while when my dog Lisen is done playing with the soft toys I have given her she tears them up into a million pieces, but not this Teddy Bear. She has had it for a lot of years and she still loves to gnaw on it gently and carry it around from time to time. Now the funny thing about this Teddy Bear is that when you squeeze its nose it says "Atjoo" and when you squeeze its paws it says "Mama" or "Papa". And Lisen loves to gnaw on the Teddy Bear's nose or paws so it speaks. Lol! So sometimes I hear some sneezing and calls out for "Mama" and "Papa" and then I see Lisen cuddling with her Teddy Bear, just like in the photo above. Aww! Dogs do indeed do the cutest things sometimes. :-)

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