Me and Lisen walking 6K in blizzard
January 7, 2011 1:38 AM

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I had decided that me and Lisen were going to walk home after our visit with my sister yesterday. A walk of 6 kilometres, no problem. Except that I did not expect it to be windy and snowy! I probably should have checked the weather forecast beforehand... Oh well, I was not about to let some weather conditions interrupt my plan. Especially since I just downed a pizza, hehe. So away we went.

And here are some pics of our walk. :-)

Left top pic: That's the road to town, takes about 15 minutes to walk from here (Galgamarken). But Lyckeby is the opposite way though, 6Ks away... In the right top pic: Lisen telling me to hurry! Below left pic: This is the road to Lyckeby. Behind me is Galgamarken, where we started our walk, and on the other side of the road is a cemetery. The buildings even further away, behind the cemetery, is our hospital. And in the below right pic: Lisen probably thinking that we have a long way to go...


I'm forcing Lisen to sit and be a nice doggy, haha. My goal here is to take at least one nice pic of us, but she just wants to check out our surroundings all the time. Don't know what could possibly be more fun than posing for the camera, haha.

Come ooon!!!

Top pic: At last she gets to walk in her own pace. Bottom pic: Although not completely her own pace. Because she still stops and waits for me whenever I stop. And I can see how she just wants to scream "Let's goooooooooo Alex!" every time. Haha!

In the end our walk took about 90 minutes. And when we finally got home, we were both pretty wet and tired!

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