Mega dog bone obsession
August 14, 2011 4:35 PM

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My sister gave Lisen a mega bone this Thursday and doggy has been obsessed with it ever since. She gnawed on it non-stop for hours the first day. I even had to drag her out for her late night walk, a super quick walk because Lisen wanted to get back home to her precious bone. And because Lisen loves to hide things, especially bones, when she finally decided to take a break. Well first she then had to find a place to hide the bone before she could relax. Not the easiest thing either because of Lisens hiding procedure.

A procedure that starts with her walking around the entire apartment and balcony to search for appropriate hiding spots. She also test hides whatever she is about to hide in a few different places before she finally decides on a permanent hiding spot. And for some reason she loves to hide her yucky bones under my pillows... Not the nicest surprise to find when I go to bed at night. But I just laugh, I mean how can I possibly get mad at this doggy!? :p

Some photos of Lisen and her mega bone:


Dog Bone.


Mission: Hide bone.

Test hide 1 completed.

Hey! Don't follow me while I'm scouting for hiding places!

Ok, I won't tell where she finally hid the bone. :-)

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