Moose encounter in Rödeby
December 19, 2010 5:29 PM

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Cool! We have been house sitting at my mums this weekend and I thought I'd take some pics of all the snow outside. So we (me, my sister and dogs) were outside playing around in the snow, when all of a sudden Diva started barking and ran to the fence. And there she was, a moose cow, I think it was a young female moose. I have no idea were she came from, but she was not very afraid of our barking dogs. We stared at each other for a while. Then the moose decided to jump into a neighbours garden! Luckily for me I had my iphone with me! Wahoo! So here are some pics and videos from our encounter today.

First pic: Diva discovering the moose and letting us know about it. Second pic: the moose.

In the first video clip:
the moose wandering towards a neighbours garden. And in the second video clip: the moose jumps into the neighbours garden!

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