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My Favourite Music
Top 5 of my all time favourite songs + explanation as to why they are just that. For me a song equals a feeling equals a memory, some more powerful than others. So really you could say that these are my top 5 music-memories.

Celine Dion - A new day (Released 2002)
(Live in Las Vegas, Caesars Palace)

This song brings back my all time favourite feeling and memory, it also makes me remember and believe that anything is possible! It literally makes my cry almost everytime I hear it.

I decided one day when I was on the bus (listening to one of Celines songs on my freestyle) on my way to school that one day I was going to see her perform in Las Vegas. I don't know if I actually thought I would but I really, really wanted to!

The first time I was in Vegas was during Christmas 2005, with my sister. But at that time Celines show was on holiday break...however we went back a few weeks later and got our tickets (the cheapest ones because we were on a tight budget). Amazingly enough when we were in our seats at the show a guy who worked there said that the show wasn't sold out this night so we could move down and further in front for free if we wanted to, yay!

This was the best night ever! I knew Celine had a good voice but that's an understatement, she has an AMAZING voice and sounds a thousand times better live than on CD. Insanely awesome! And it's not just her voice it's all of her, she is (or seems to be as far as I can tell) a truly genuine, thankful and beautiful person. Thank God for her!

Roxette - Spending my time
(Released 1995)

These guys were my first true idols. I used to dance and sing to their music all through my childhood. Both by myself and with my friends. It was usually me and another girl (we are still friends today by the way) and we used to use badminton rackets as guitars and hairbrushes as microphones, our stage was usually a bed.

It's so funny because today as soon as we hear a song by Roxette we always start talking about when we used to dance to their music as kids and it always makes us laugh.

I'm always transported to my friends mums old bedroom when I hear this song, because that was our favourite place to perform, she had the best stage in there!

Madonna - Express yourself
(Released 1989)

I remember me and a few classmates preformed this song when I was in third grade, I think it was, at a school Christmas party. And we watched this video over and over and over again to try and learn Madonnas dance moves.

We were five or six girls, one on the drums, two guitarists, two dancers and of course "Madonna", I was one of the dancers. We practised so much but during the performance the girl who was suppose to be Madonna froze quite a lot and basically stood and swayed from side to side most of the song. Us dancers were not quite in sync either and probably looked like two question marks who waved their arms a bit. It did not end up looking
like in the video, to put it mildly...but it is a fun memory now, not so much then...

The year displayed in the YouTube-video is not correct...

Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal
(Released 1988)

I wanna dance like that!

When I first saw the official music video as a kid I was so, so fascinated by how Michael and the dancers could lean so far forward...I just could not understand it!

I'm actually still not sure how they did it...but anyway for me this song, and really Michael Jackson, represents a sense of "wow-ness" and feeling of disbelief, on all sort of levels.

Scorpions - Wind of change
(Released 1990)

Takes me back to when I was in summer camp. My first time away from home, by myself. I think I was eight years old.

This was the "make out song", haha. There were kids of different ages and the older kids always slow danced to this song.

This was the summer we all started to write "love letters" to each other and everyone had a crush on someone...Puppy love :-)

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