My Christmas Window
November 29, 2011 8:19 PM


Due to the fact that there are more dark than light hours outside this time of year here in Sweden. I am very glad that we have a tradition which entails putting up Advent candlesticks and stars in our windows right now. Because not only do they look nice, but those wonderful Christmas lights definitely help to brighten up the evenings too. Therefore I have of course also decorated my windows with some lovely Advent candlesticks and stars.

And though it might not be much, it certainly makes a big difference on the coziness factor scale of my apartment. At least I think so. :p

My Christmas WindowMy Christmas Window
My decorated window in daytime to the left, and in the evening to the right.

My Christmas Window
My window (top right) as seen from outside in the evening.

My Christmas Window
And my entire apartment building in the evening. Ahh... :-)

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