My Homemade Langos
March 27, 2012 7:40 PM


I LOVE langos! Langos? Langos is a Hungarian dish that consists of fried bread with different toppings, sort of like a mini pizza. Unfortunately the only time of the year langos are available to buy here in Karlskrona in Sweden is during summer time at markets and festivals. This of course means that I basically only get the opportunity to eat langos a few times per year... until now!

Because recently I noticed (on my Facebook wall) that people actually make langos at home - huh!? I thought langos were very complicated to make? Turns out that they are not though. So a few weekends ago I gave it a go for the first time. And below are some photos, recipe and my attempt to explain how I made my first ever homemade langos.

Recipe Langos
(About 16)

25 grams of yeast
3 deciliters of water
1 large boiled potato
1 teaspoon of salt
8 deciliters of flour
1 liter of oil for deep frying

1. First I mixed in the yeast in lukewarm water. Then I mixed in about 7 deciliters of flour, the grated boiled potato and salt. Once I had mixed this into a dough I let it rest for about 45 minutes in the bowl under a kitchen towel.

2. After 45 minutes I worked the dough with some more flour, cut it into small pieces, rolled out the pieces and let those rest again under a kitchen towel for about 10 minutes.

My Homemade Langos
This is how the langos looked after they had rested for 10 minutes.

My Homemade LangosMy Homemade Langos
3. Then it was time to start the frying, a few minutes on each side in hot oil.

Langos Toppings

My Homemade Langos
As soon as each lango came out of the fryer I spread homemade garlic butter on them.

Langos Toppings
Then it was time to add some yummy toppings, each person added their own toppings.

My Homemade Langos
Basic lango. Toppings here are: sour cream and cheese. Simple and super delicious!

My Homemade Langos
A Swedish twist. Toppings here are: sour cream, cheese, Swedish raw Falukorv and red onions.

My Homemade Langos
Salty and delicious. Toppings here are: sour cream, cheese, red onions and whitefish roe.

My Homemade Langos
Seafood lango. Toppings here are: sour cream, cheese, shrimps, red onions, I also added some whitefish roe after I took this photo. This is my personal favourite, although I had a bit too much red onions here.

All in all it was not complicated at all to make homemade langos, the part that took the longest was the frying. But it was so worth it! And I am so glad I now know how to make langos and I will most certainly make it many,many more times in the future. I actually made it again just a few days after my homemade langos premiere. Hehe. It is just sooo goood!!! :p

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