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July 15, 2012 5:43 PM


Over the the years I have learned that the best souvenirs to buy abroad are simple, small, cheap, available to buy everywhere in the world and easy to display souvenirs. Which is why I nowadays prefer to buy magnets from each place/city/country I visit. Actually it was my sister who started to buy magnets as a "must buy souvenir" wherever she went, so I guess I have copied her a bit there. Hehe. But really, magnets are indeed perfect souvenirs. Because they also make excellent decoration items for my otherwise boring fridge door, which (thanks to them) looks like this right now:

My Magnetic World
My Magnetic World.

And some of the magnets I have brought home so far come from:

Magnet IranMagnet Dubai
Iran. Dubai.

Magnet AustraliaMagnet Kruger Park
Australia. The Kruger Park in South Africa.

Magnet Las Vegas
Las Vegas, USA. Florida, USA.

Magnet Denmark
St. Petersburg, Russia and Copenhagen, Denmark.

Needless to say, I LOVE to travel and explore the world. Which is why I look forward to fill My Magnetic World with many more magnetic souvenir inhabitants in the future. :p

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