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June 24, 2012 3:02 PM


So this Friday was Midsummer's Eve here in Sweden, a day which I actually think feels more like Sweden's National Day than the actual Swedish National Day. I say that because the celebration of Sweden's National Day is rather new, compared with the celebration of Midsummer's Eve in Sweden. Anyway, Midsummer's Eve is also a day that, at least for me, revolves a lot around Swedish food. :p

Midsummer Pole
A Swedish Midsummer Pole.

Now I did go to check out a Midsummer Pole on Midsummer's Eve, but unfortunately the games and dances around the pole had already ended when I got there... Probably because the weather was a bit unreliable. Even so, I did take a few photos of it. I also took photos of the rest of my Midsummer Eve highlights of course, which mainly consisted of different foods though. Lol! Actually, I am starting to think I might be a bit food obsessed..? Ehum...

Anyway, below are some photos from my Midsummer's Eve 2012. :-)

Midsummer Pole Sweden
The Midsummer Pole in Rödeby in Sweden. Where most festivities were over when I arrived, but a few children where still playing around the Midsummer Pole though. :-)

Midsummer Lunch
After my visit to the Midsummer Pole it was time for Midsummer lunch. Which consisted of...

Swedish New Potatoes
... boiled Swedish new potatoes with fresh dill.

Egg Halves
Boiled egg halves with mayonnaise, fresh dill, shrimp and crayfish tails.

Sour Cream Chives
A super simple cold sauce made with sour cream and fresh chives.

Midsummer Pickled Herring
Different types of pickled herring, pickles from the left are: onion, French onion and tomato.

Midsummer Matie Herring
And of course the classic, and most popular, pickled herring on the Swedish Midsummer table - Matie Herring.

Now the difference between pickled
Matie herring and "normal" pickled herring is that Matie herring is caught in early autumn, just before the herring becomes mature to mate. This is when the fish has the correct fat content, size and has eaten the type of food which gives it its special Matie herring flavour.

Pickled Onion Herring
My favourite pickled herring though, and pretty much the only pickled herring I eat, is pickled onion herring (in the photo). I think Matie herring tastes a bit too salty and mushy. Pickled onion herring, on the other hand, has a bit more texture and firmness to it and tastes a bit salt and sour - which I like.

Midsummer Lunch Plate
My Midsummer lunch plate. To drink I had a Swedish beer (Mariestad) and a Swedish snaps (
OP Anderson Aquavit). Now the proper and traditional way to drink snaps on Midsummer's Eve is to sing a snapsvisa - booze song before you drink it, but I think it is quite suffice to just say SKÅL - Cheers. ;p

Midsummer Starwberry Cake
In the afternoon it was time for the all important and traditional home made Midsummer Strawberry Cake with fresh Swedish strawberries - which my sister made this year. Yuuuuumm!! :p

Midsummer Starwberry Cake
My piece! :p The Strawberry Cake was made out of sponge cake, without fat, and filled with crushed strawberries and vanilla custard. It was then covered with whipped cream and strawberries. Insanely delicious!!! And very hard to stop eating...

Now the weather was alright on Midsummer's Eve during the day, barely any rain. But of course when we decided light the grill in the evening...

Midsummer Eve Barbecue
... it started to rain quite heavily.

Midsummer Eve Barbecue Food
But thanks to the lid on the grill, we managed to barbecue these treats anyway. On the grill: corn, veggie sausages and two T-bone steaks.

Midsummer Eve Barbecue Plate
My Midsummer barbecue plate. T-bone steak, corn, egg (from lunch), a little bit of bought potato salad and some home made potato salad. Another BIG yum!

Midsummer Eve Dog
Of course during this eat fest my dog Lisen held a close eye under the table, in case anyone were to drop something edible. Diva however, the furry doggy behind Lisen, tried her luck a bit more up close to the action. Hehe. Naturally both doggies got a lot of goodies and treats to eat on this day too! :-)

I told you I think I have become a bit food obsessed... Lol! But really, food is an important part of the Midsummer celebration. Dancing around the Midsummer Pole and wearing Midsummer Crowns are also a big part of course, but more for children and families I think. So, despite the over eating, my Midsummer's Eve was pretty calm this year. Which was kind of nice. Now I just have to work off those insane amount of extra calories I have eaten lately... Yikes! Good thing the next big Swedish food fest is not until August, when the Crayfish Party Season starts. Yihaa! ;p


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