My Stubborn Eyeglass Dog
April 27, 2012 4:05 PM


My dog Lisen loves to relax in the couch next to me while I am working on the computer, until she wants my attention for something. Which, nine out of ten times, means that she wants food.

And to get my attention Lisen has developed a few techniques. Her first step is to stare at me intensely. If that does not work, she starts to scratch me with her paws. If that does not work, she starts to bark at me. And if that does not work either, her last step is to climb up on top of my knees and put her head between me and my laptop. Which usually works.

Now Lisen is a very stubborn dog who does not give up her attempts to get what she wants very easily. But of course I cannot give her everything she wants. So sometimes I just start to mess with her in return, until she gets annoyed and leaves me alone. Like in the photos below, where Lisen was scratching me with her paws. So I decided to put my glasses on her pretty little nose, instead of just telling her no. Not a very popular move.

My Stubborn Eyeglass Dog

My Stubborn Eyeglass Dog
I don't think so.

My Stubborn Eyeglass Dog
Hm, what else can I do to get what I want today?

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