My Swedish Strawberry Premiere
June 12, 2012 12:49 PM


Swedish strawberries are only sold between June and August every year in Sweden. So every year when I see that Swedish strawberries are available to buy again, it, to me, means that the Swedish summer finally has arrived! Yay!

My Swedish Strawberry Premiere
And here they are, my first Swedish strawberry purchase of the year! :p

Now in Sweden we have a tradition called Midsummer Eve when we, among other things, always eat Swedish strawberry cake as part of the Midsummer Eve celebration meal. Therefore it is vital that Swedish strawberries are available to buy for Midsummer Eve, which falls on June 22nd this year. Because if they are not, well - Midsummer Eve is ruined!

It is true. There have been years when the strawberry season has been bad or delayed due to weather conditions, and during those years the price for Swedish strawberries has gone through the roof before Midsummer Eve. That is how important they are here in Sweden. Though this year it seems like the Swedish strawberry season has had a good start. Although I do think the price for one liter of Swedish strawberries is a bit high right now, here in Karlskrona anyway. One liter of Swedish strawberries cost between 40-45 Swedish Kronas, which is about 5.50 - 6.50 US Dollars (currency today 1 USD = 7.1 SEK). A price I am sure will drop to about half that, or less, after Midsummer Eve though.

However, despite the high price and even though the proper and traditional thing would be to wait with the Swedish strawberry premiere until our traditional Midsummer Eve celebration - I am simply not that patient. Lol! Therefore I had my Swedish strawberry premiere this weekend.

My Swedish Strawberry Premiere
When I had these newly picked, sweet, juicy and amazingly delicious Swedish strawberries with ice cream and whipped cream. So yuuuuummylicious!!! :p

Now I will just have to try to restrain myself until Midsummer Eve for my next big Swedish strawberry feast, though I doubt I can wait that long... Hehe. ;p

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