My Vision Of The Seas
August 30, 2011 1:08 AM

I will start off my Cruise Week Theme here with some photos of the ship I travelled with, Vision Of The Seas. Now I had only been on 2 night cruises before so this 4 night cruise was a new experience for me. And it became a very pleasant experience indeed!

But before I jump into the photo section, here is a short recap of what kind of cruise I was on. It was a 4 night cruise from Stockholm in Sweden with stops in Tallinn, Estonia and St. Petersburg, Russia. During the cruise I stayed in a normal cabin on third deck. No complaints about that one.

The food was also tasty and I ate way too much!!! But I guess that is to be expected when there is a buffet for every meal and snack, lol! All staff was friendly, service was good and there were always plenty of activities going on around the ship. A huge bonus on this cruise was the weather! I swear if I had not looked out the windows I would not have known we were at sea. That is how calm the ocean was. So all in all I did indeed have a wonderful time on this little trip!

And below are some of my captured cruise moments.

Vision Of The Seas
Vision Of The Seas in Tallinn harbour.

Aboard Vision Of The Seas
Aboard Vision Of The Seas.

Vision Of The Seas Vision Of The Seas
Lots of floors and two glass elevators.

Vision Of The Seas Food
Wonderful buffet food decorations!

Cruise foodCruise food
And tasty food! Especially the sushi and mushroom risotto (left) as well as the duck with blackcurrant sauce (right).

Vision Of The Seas Food
More food art. Cheese face.

Vision Of The Seas Pool
Fun by the pool. The guys by the pool participated in a "belly flop" competition.

Vision Of The Seas Pool
Where the one who made the biggest belly flop won.

Vision Of The SeasVision Of The Seas
Delicious evening drinks and showtime.

Vision Of The Seas Casino
Of course I had to inspect the casino aboard. :p

Vision Of The Seas CasinoVision Of The Seas Poker
Slot machines worked fine. As did the video poker machines. Which also inspired me to perhaps start to play some online poker again. Hehe.

Deck 3 where we had our cabin.

Cruise AnimalCruise Animal
And where we were greeted by these cute towel animals. When I saw the doggy to the left I instantly thought of my Lisen. Aww!

Cruise Sunset
Evening pleasure.

Sunset St. Petersburg

Cruise Sunset
And beyond beautiful!

A perfect way to end my first cruise week post. Next post will be all about my visit in Tallinn, Estonia. :-)

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