My Visit To Disneyworld With Videos
Of The Electrical Parade And Fireworks

January 9, 2012 7:56 PM


Although I came back home to Lyckeby in Sweden this Saturday evening, my coming posts will be about my recent trip to the US. This is of course because I still have a ton of unpublished photos from there. :-) So today's post will be all about my visit to the lovely, and HUGE, Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida.

Now Disneyworld has several parks, I think five? I would have loved to have visited them all, but I just did not have the time. I mean we had to take a bus and monorail/ferry to get from one park to another, so it did take some time. So instead of stressing between parks I chose to visit the Hollywood Studios Park and the classic Magic Kingdom Park. And below are photos and videos from my visit to those parks.

Hollywood Studios
First stop was at Disneyworld's Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios
Ta da!

Indiana Jones
I saw the Indiana Jones Stunt Show where they pretend to be on a movie set and perform stunts.

Indiana Jones
Like this cool stunt.

Star Tours
I also went on the Star Tours Ride. Where you get to go "out in space" on a Star Wars Shuttle.

Star Tours
Outside the Star Tours Ride this cute Jedi training session took place.

Star Tours
And this was the guy they prepared for.

Star Tours
Before we entered the Star Wars Space Shuttle we had to pass these guys.

Star Tours
As well as this familiar dude.

Magic Kingdom
After a few more rides and shows it was time for a visit to the Magic Kingdom Park.

Magic Kingdom CastleMagic Kingdom Castle
Where I actually mostly looked forward to see this castle live. And beautiful it was indeed!!! Especially in the evening!

Magic Kingdom People
Now there were a lot of people...

Magic Kingdom Show

Magic Kingdom Parade
and parades at Magic Kingdom.

But my absolute favourites were the Electrical Parade and Fireworks that took place in the evening. They were both spectacular!!! And despite the fact that it was actually freezing cold that evening. I managed to, sort of, keep my hands steady enough to film both of these events with my iphone. So below are those videos. :-)

The first video is of the Electrical Parade.

Video has been removed.

The second video is of the lovely Fireworks. (The last 1,5-2 minutes are stunning!)

Video has been removed.

I hope you enjoy! :-)

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