My Visit To The Traditional Leaf Market In Karlskrona 2012
June 21, 2012 10:11 PM


Today it was time for my favourite traditional market in Karlskrona, the Leaf Market. A market that has been around in Karlskrona for more than 200 years. It is also a market that I have attended almost every year of my life. So this morning I woke up eager to go in to town and continue this lovely tradition. And naturally I brought my camera with me and took lots of photos! Below are some of them.

My Visit To The Traditional Leaf Market In Karlskrona 2012
Now the Leaf Market is one of the first big markets of the summer season in and around Karlskrona, so every year lots of people make their way in to town to stroll around there for a while.

My Visit To The Traditional Leaf Market In Karlskrona 2012
More people heading towards the Great Square, where most of the over 500 market stalls are placed. And which is actually one of the largest squares in Europe's northern regions.

My Visit To The Traditional Leaf Market In Karlskrona 2012
View over the Great Square and Leaf Market in Karlskrona.

My Visit To The Traditional Leaf Market In Karlskrona 2012
View from the opposite side of the square.

eaf Market Flowers
Originally the Leaf Market was when farmers went into town to sell shrubs and flowers, which were used as decorations around farms.

Leaf Market Flowers
Flowers are still popular to buy at the market today.

Leaf Market Flowers
Even bumble bees check them out. (I think it is a bumble bee?)

Leaf Market Midsummer Crown
Another popular flower decoration at the Leaf Market is the Swedish traditional Midsummer Crown.

Leaf Market Midsummer CrownLeaf Market Midsummer Crown
Because the Leaf Market is held the day before Midsummer's Eve, many people buy them here.

Leaf Market Midsummer Crown
Actually, many people wear them here as well. ;p

Leaf Market Midsummer CrownLeaf Market Midsummer Crown
Some people even wear old traditional Swedish outfits at the market. (Though I do think these folks were part of a Swedish traditional Midsummer dance performance earlier, or later.)

Leaf Market Berries
Strawberries are a crucial part of the Midsummer's Eve celebration, therefore they too are very popular to buy at the Leaf Market. The reason strawberries are so important is because we Swedes must have our traditional Strawberry Cake on Midsummer's Eve, or else it will be ruined - seriously!

Leaf Market Berries
And in the left corner here are another popular berry at the market, in Swedish they are called Bigarrå - which is a sort of Cherry.

Leaf Market Donuts
This was a new one. Lol! Looked quite yummy though. :p

Herring Sandwich
Of course strolling around at the Leaf Market makes you hungry. And one popular sandwich to eat here is the Herring Sandwich. I have actually not tried it, so I am not sure about everything that is on it. But it is pan fried fresh herring on dark bread though, that I know.

Herring Sandwich Line
Lines to the Herring Sandwich stall.

Leaf Market Langos
I, however, prefer to eat this when I am at markets - Langos! :p A Hungarian dish which consists of fried bread with different toppings.

Leaf Market Langos
Yum!!! (I know I include this in every market post I publish - but it is so gooood!!). Hehe.

Home Made Cheescake
There were of course a ton of other things to see, try and buy here.

Home Made Cheescake
Home made cheesecake.

Leaf Market Crisp Bread
Crisp Bread.

Leaf Market Moose Sausage
Different sausages, like moose, wild boar, eel and reindeer sausage...

Apple Juice Karlskrona
Home made Apple Juice from Karlskrona.

Leaf Market Candy
And candy in all shapes and sizes of course.

Wooden Butterknives
There were also lots of handcrafts here, like these typical Swedish wooden butter knives.

Wooden Butter Knife Legs
Not so typical Swedish wooden butter knives. Lol!

Wooden Trolls
Cute wooden trolls.

Wooden Midsummer Pole
And Swedish wooden Midsummer Poles.

Dog Stall
Although I did not bring my dog Lisen to the Leaf Market, I do always buy her a treat from this dog stall.

Dog Stall
They have lots of dog treats to choose from.

Dog Stall
I usually buy a giant pig's ear, but they did not have those this year. So I bought her a pig's tail instead.

Leaf Market Dog Treat
Though Lisen looked a bit suspicious, she did enjoy her treat nevertheless. Lol!

And I enjoyed my visit to this year's Leaf Market - ahh! Great weather, a delicious Lango and lots of fun things to do and see. A very succesfull day indeed. :-) Now I look forward to a yummy and lovely day tomorrow, Midsummer's Eve. Unfortunately we are predicted to have rain though, all through the weekend as well. Hopefully that is an incorrect prognosis... Either way, I do want to wish everyone a very happy Midsummer's Eve! Regardless of the weather. ;p

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