My Christmas Eve in pics
December 26, 2010 11:16 PM

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What a lovely Christmas it has been this year! Tons of snow, lots of delicious food, yummy Christmas candy, great gifts and a nice visit from relatives. A truly enjoyable Christmas Eve celebration I must say. And what better way to convey my Christmas Eve than through pics. So here it is. :-)

Left pic: First I picked up my sister and Diva. Right pic: Here they come :-) And off we went to mum.

Mulled Wine Martini
Left pic:
Rice pudding for lunch. One of our traditions is to hide an almond in the rice pudding and whomever gets it win a lottery ticket. But I didn't get it this year :-( Mum did.Middle pic: Here we, me and relatives, are playing cards and drinking glögg-martini. Right pic: At 3 PM time for - Donald Duck "From All of Us to All of You". A deeply rooted Swedish tradition, lol! It's true, the cartoon first aired in Sweden 1960, and has ever since been one of the most watched TV-shows every year in Sweden. Last year, 2009, it was number three on the list over "the most watched TV-shows in Sweden" with 3 294 000 viewers. Hehe.

Left pic: After Donald, time for food preparations. It is always busy in the kitchen on this day. Right pic: Lisen hoping someone will drop something without knowing it, so she can sneak up and grab it.

Yay! Food time! Here is our julbord! On it is for example; Christmas ham, meatballs, pickled herring in different sauces, brawn, chipolata sausages, ribs and my favourite, Janssons frestelse - Janssons temptation. Janssons consist of potato casserole with onion, pickled anchovies, bread crumbs and cream. Sooo good!

Left pic: We start of our main meal with a snaps of Absolut vodka. Cheers!!! Middle pic: This is my first plate of food. Right pic: And here is my second, hehe.

Lisen wondering when she can have some.

Left pic: Between meals this is what we snacked on, Christmas candy, yum! My aunt makes the best homemade fudge ever (below right)!!! Right pic: Diva want some too!!!

Left pic: Finally time to unwrap all these gifts. Right pic: Lisen loooves getting and opening gifts, lol!

I like getting gifts too, and I got some, ehum, unexpected gifts this year. Like a tool box, which I thought was very unnecessary at first, but then when I got home I realized that it's probably better to have all tools, screws and such in one place. So it was a good gift after all. I also got a mini snow shovel for my car, unexpected but greatly needed now for sure, a calendar, face mask and some other stuff. But as always, my favourite gift to get is MONEY! Which I got this year, yay! And tomorrow I'm off to Kalmar to spend it all at this years big Christmas sale, yihaaa!!!

After we had ripped open our gifts we ate (forced down) some cake and then just chatted and played some games. In these pics Lisen and Diva looks pretty much how I felt after this day, stuffed and tired. Hehe. But it was a lot of fun and I had a wonderful Christmas Eve, as I'm sure they did as well.

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