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My favourite blogs!

Every day I see so many blogs, good and bad, and on those occasions I find a good blog I always want to tell someone about it. I figured, what better way to do that then here!?

I decided that I will feature three of my favourite blogs every month on my blog, at first I did it every week but I have now changed it to every month instead. The blogs I choose will be featured on my index-page and permanently here in my favourite blogs section. Like a public bookmark you could say.

Now, it's easy to just pick a few and post them here. But that's not how I do it. I want it to show that I really mean what I say. If I like something, I want to tell you why! So I have accompanied my choices with what I find makes them special to me.

If you know of any blog that you want to share with me you are welcome to send me a suggestion HERE. I would also appreciate if you could tell me WHY you like this blog.

Hope you enjoy my choices as much as I do!

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Florida December 1, 2011 -December 31, 2011 This is a great blog where discounts, deals and free events in Miami are shared. This blog is updated several times day, so there are indeed plenty of opportunities to find great and cheap things to do in Miami here. Thank you for sharing!

Check out:
This is a lovely photo blog by Kirby Collins with many beautiful photos from Florida. I love the photos here, but I also like the personal written content. Because it gives a nice little insight to who the person behind the camera is. Excellent job!

Check out:
Inspiring November 1 , 2011 - November 30, 2011 Great blog written by fellow Swede Malin Moran Winsteen Albin. She has a wonderful way of writing both useful life and career inspiring posts. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences Malin (in English)! ;-)

Check out:
Travel Europe September 1, 2011 - September 30, 2011 Julie Gilley is the author of this humorous and entertaining travel blog where we get to enjoy her travel adventures and delightfully fun photos. She also has a lot of useful travel tips to offer. So an excellent blog indeed!

Check out: This blog is a great source of information about Europe and European lifestyle. It has a large variation of interesting posts as well as good links to other blogs about Europe. So if you want to know more about Europe this is the blog to visit.

Check out:
Photo blogs August 1, 2011 - August 31, 2011 A blog with a collection of stunning photos which the author has found around the web. I especially love all the amazing animal photos! All in all this blog conveys warmth, beauty and joy! A lovely place to visit!

Check out: This blog is written by Shamiparyah who shares her life as a wife and mother to 7 children. It's a beautiful blog filled with gorgeous photos accompanied by lovely quotes, poems and posts. Well worth a visit!

Check out:
This is a perfect blog where one can get a glimpse into the nature, life and wildlife of Malaysia through fabulous photography. In other words, it's a wonderful blog with lots of fantastic photos of Malaysia.

Check out:
Ice cream July 1 , 2011 - July 31, 2011 The author of this blog, Kieran Murphy, is the director of an ice cream company. He shares ice cream recipes as well as lovely and funny personal story posts related to ice cream. Definitively a blog worth visiting!

Check out: This is a nice and cute, pretty new blog, about ice cream. And the post which really caught my attention here was "Cigar ice cream, anyone?". Huh!? Lol! So I look forward to more intriguing ice cream posts here! :p

Check out: The posts in this ice cream blog are interesting and there are a ton of fun facts about ice cream here. Like, did you know the month of July is actully the National Ice Cream Month in the US. News to me!

Check out:
Cats June 1, 2011 - June 30, 2011 Oh I hope everyone will check out this blog! It's full of amazingly cute cat photos that will make you smile for sure! Beautiful, beautiful blog!!!

Check out: This is such a gorgeous cat blog! We get a glimpse into the lovely cats Samantha and Clementines daily activities in this blog. And I especially love the posts that show their relationship with family dog Maverick. Awesome blog!

Check out: Here is a fun, cute and beautiful cat blog. I love the artistic cat photos here which are humorously incorporated with the posts. Enjoyable blog to visit indeed!

Check out:
Chakras May 24 , 2011 - May 31, 2011 This is a nice uncluttered site with a lot of easy-to-understand information about what chakras are. And I like the fun little free test you can take to see how you rate in your chakra energy. Well worth a visit!

Check out: This is a lovely blog which focus on how to balance and heal your chakras. A lot of interesting content and some wonderful free guided meditations. I had a really nice visit here.

Check out:
This blog contain a nice mix of personal and spiritual posts as well as guided meditations by the blogs author, who have more than 30 years experience of spiritual guidance. Interesting blog indeed.

Check out:
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