Odd stuffed people by the road...
October 12, 2011 3:13 PM


On our walk in Rödeby in Sweden today my dog Lisen and I had an encounter with some odd stuffed people by the road. Not sure why they were there? But I think it had something to do with somebody named Stig who works at an Ica food store and recently had his 50th birthday. Because beside the stuffed people was a sign that said something like: " This is your life. ICA Stig 50 years.".

Now the best part about this encounter was to see Lisens reaction. Which was a very, very suspicious one. So finally I had to drag her away from there. But I can imagine they must have seemed extremely strange to her. I mean, even I thought they looked super odd! Lol! :p

Odd Stuffed People By The Road
Lisen staring at the odd stuffed people earlier today.

Odd Stuffed People By The Road
And here they are with the sign next to them.

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