Off On A Mini Cruise To Poland
July 29, 2012 12:34 PM


Tonight I am off to Gdynia in Poland for a short visit. We have mini cruise ships that go back and forward between Karlskrona here in Sweden and Gdynia every day. So once in a while I think it is fun to just take a mini cruise over there. This trip is two nights on the ship and one day in Gdynia, so just enough time to play around a bit on board as well as in the city. Hehe. ;p

Off On A Mini Cruise To Poland
And way over there out at sea is the ship which will take me to Gdynia tonight, Stena Line. I just happen to see it a while back when I was walking along the ocean with my doggie Lisen here in Karlskrona.

I will of course also bring my camera so I can document my mini cruise to Gdynia. And hopefully I will return next week with lots of photos from my little excursion. But for now I am off to get ready for the trip, so see ya'll next week. Toodeloo! :p

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