Oh Rainy Day
May 18, 2012 3:32 PM


Yesterday was Ascension Day here in Sweden, a holiday in the Swedish calendar. And although it was mostly a rainy day yesterday, I thought it was a great opportunity to snap some shots by my mum's garden pond. It looked so fun when the raindrops hit the surface of the water there. So together with my sister's dog Diva, who loves to stare at the fishes in the pond there, we spent quite some time outside by the pond in the rain yesterday. Below are some of the photos I captured.

Oh Rainy Day
Diva keept an eye on the fishes in the pond.

Oh Rainy DayWhile I tried to capture the raindrop dance performed by the lovely raindrops.

Oh Rainy Day
Woot, woot!

Oh Rainy Day
And Diva and I in a bubble.

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Diva and Me Wet Grass Close Up
Diva Wet Grass Close Up
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