Old Crooked Family Of Trees
March 11, 2012 6:51 PM

It is a beautiful Sunday here in Lyckeby in Sweden and a wonderful day to photograph the Old Crooked Family Of Trees that live outside my apartment building in Ekebacken Nature Reserve. Now trees always fascinates me. They look so solid and calm where they stand, like they have no worries in the world. And many of the trees here in Ekebacken Nature Reserve have been there hundreds of years so they must have seen and experienced so many things in their life time. But still they just stand there, well some have fallen down. Hehe. Anyway, below are some photos of a few patient old trees up here.

Old Crooked Family Of Trees - Uncle Spooky
Uncle Spooky.

Old Crooked Family Of Trees - Dancing Grandma
Dancing Grandma.

Old Crooked Family Of Trees - Swirly Twins
Swirly Twins.

Old Crooked Family Of Trees - Wild West Grandpa
Wild West Grandpa.

Old Crooked Family Of Trees - Hilarious Aunt Cheerful
Hilarious Aunt Cheerful.

Old Crooked Family Of Trees - Cousin Crawling
Cousin Crawling.

Old Crooked Family Of Trees - Ancestral Shadows
Ancestral Shadows.

Now Ekebacken literally translates to Oak Hill and has for centuries been a gathering place for people in eastern Blekinge, Blekinge is the name of the county Lyckeby belongs to. Ekebacken has been a Nature Reserve since 1969 and is approximately 14 acres large.

And I love to walk up there all seasons of the year with my dog Lisen. It is such a calm and soothing place to be in and it is filled with lots of little wild animals. For example, I have seen hares, squirrels, foxes, deers, snakes and lots of different birds and insects in Ekebacken. Some more fun to encounter than others of course, lol. But I am very happy to live so close to this little Nature Reserve and I hope its inhabitants and these amazing trees live on for many more years to come. :-)

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