Old fashioned Christmas market
December 12, 2010 9:48 PM


Today is Advent third. And besides lighting a candle in my Advent candlestick and eating rice pudding every Advent Sunday, I try to visit at least one old fashioned Christmas market every year. So this afternoon I decided to uphold yet another of my December traditions. I grabbed my sister and off we went to an old farm called Hässlelyckans gård, located a few kilometres outside of Lyckeby. Every Advent Sunday they have a small and cosy Christmas market here, inspired by the 1600s.

In the above pic is the farm, Hässlelyckans gård. Second pic from above; a suspicious doggie. I bet he thought those Christmas goats looked a bit weird (which they do). LOL! In the third and fourth pic; more Christmas goats, and a stand where they sold different kinds of smoked fish.

And here are some pics of the old farm shop, which was filled with lovely traditional home made products. Like different kind of drinks made according to traditional recipes, home made crisp bread, candy, honey etc. I bought something called juniper berry root beer. All in all it was a nice and charming Christmas market. :-)

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