On My Way Back And Happy Easter
April 20, 2014 8:16 PM

It has been a rough 6 weeks for me, for many reasons, but finally I feel like I am on my way back to finding myself again. Life sure is a roller coaster though... I have been missing my beloved Lisen like crazy. In fact just taking that first forest walk without her was hard, but having my sister and her doggy Diva (Lisen's daughter) with me helped a lot. The sun also made it a lot easier. Because while I have been dealing with myself lately, spring has arrived here in Lyckeby in Sweden - and Easter. So I thought I would resume my blogging life again by publish this simple Happy Easter post. Hopefully it will get me going again.

So Happy Easter Everyone. :-)

On My Way Back And Happy Easter
This is the Easter cake we had yesterday at my mum's - yum! :p (Glad Påsk - Happy Easter in Swedish.)

And below are some photos from my recent forest walk with my sister and Diva. ♥

On My Way Back And Happy Easter
It was a sunny day with puddles.

On My Way Back And Happy Easter
And Diva was not sure who to keep company... Hm?

On My Way Back And Happy Easter

On My Way Back And Happy Easter
Of course my sister won that one, Diva is her doggy after all. ;-)

To read more about how we celebrate Easter in Sweden check out -->Swedish Easter Eve Traditions

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