Pieces Of The World In My Living Room
November 20, 2011 4:25 PM


When I travel I like to bring something home with me from each country, also known as a souvenir. But although I have bought most of my souvenirs in stores, my favourite souvenirs are actually the ones I have collected on my own - for free! Souvenirs like;

Pieces Of The World In My Living Room
Top Left Jar: Sand from the Sahara Desert in Tunisia. Left Middle Jar: A rock from Grand Canyon and sand from Santa Monica Beach in California (US). Left Bottom Jar: Sand from a Desert in Egypt. And the bottle to the right is filled with water I gathered on a boat ride on the River Nile in Egypt.

So these are some of the pieces of the world I have in my living room here in Sweden. And I must say that one thing that still baffles me to this day is how clean the water from the Nile looks in that bottle. Because, not only has it been in there for more than 10 years, but the river looked so brown and dirty when I was on it. Though, I guess water can be dirty even if it looks clean. But even so, the big difference of appearance still fascinates me. And it is something I am sure I would never have noticed unless I had brought a piece of the Nile home with me.

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